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Welcome to the website for the Crown Pointe Homeowners Association, Pensacola, Florida!

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So far we have had a safe summer. Please remember to stop for the buses in the morning for the kids,

We also have a regular ECSO patrol officer her name is Cindy Palen, if you need to be contacted by her, just email the secretary , Angela Windham for that information, She has been patrolling the neighborhood and is our point of contact if needed.


The next Homeowners Association Annual General Meeting will be held in January, 2017 Proxies will be mailed. If you are not planning to attend, please return your proxy promptly.

If you know of a location where we can hold the annual meeting please let us know,

Homeowners Association Annual General Meeting:
Next Meeting will be January 2017

2016 Annual Meeting Notice & Agenda (3)

2016 Annual Mtg Proxy draft (4)

Annual Greetings 2016 0n CPPOA LETTERHEAD (3)

CPPOA Budget – 2016 Revised

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Our Hoa is doing great things we recently had the entrance fence replaced and stained We had all the electrical fixed and new LED lights installed,  The last week of September we will be redoing the landscaping and if you would like to help bring a shovel , we will be planting , Ill post dates up here, 
We have a committee of homeowners that will be decorating the entrance for the holidays if you would like to be part of this please contact us and let us know.
Please be respectful of the landscaper, Throwing debris from your yard over your fence is prohibited. We have been notified there are some houses that are throwing debris over their fence along the back side of HWY 98. Please put it out by the curb.
A part of the HOA rules it is Necessary to keep your yard mowed and the trash around your home edged and clean. The first contact you will receive is a reminder letter to do this if you are in violation of this, Please let it be your only reminder.

Trashcans: Rubbish, recyclables and yard trash are collected once a week, on Wednesdays. All other days, trash cans and recycling cans MUST be screened from street view. The only times trash cans can be on the street or in front of your house is between the hours of 7 pm on Tuesday to 7 pm on Wednesday. Failure to observe these rules will result in a $25/day fine to the resident/homeowner.

Security: Keep cars and doors locked and garage doors closed for security and safety purposes!

NOTE: This website is for the Crown Pointe Homeowners association, NOT The Preserve at Crown Pointe, and we do not have any information regarding that HOA.